Our counseling ministry at Grace Fellowship exists to provide solid, biblical help to individuals, couples, and families through the use of Scripture and practical application of biblical principles. Our desire is to see people changed biblically and helped in their emotional, mental, and relational levels.



Pastor Bob Tome

Pastor Bob Tome is a Certified Life Coach and Board Certified Pastoral Counselor. Checkout his webpage for mentoring resources. At, our goal is to help you become the best mentor possible. Whether you are a counselor, coach or mentor, we have resources to help you increase your "toolbox."

We provide counseling in these areas....


I'm just looking for someone to talk to. We have trained counselors who would love to meet up with you and talk. Just contact us as and one of our counselors will get back to you with any necessary details!


My wife/husband and I need some counseling. Whether it be pre-marital counseling or if you want some help working through any issues, our trained counselors would love to sit down with you. Send us an email at and one of our counselors will contact you with details!


Can I join a class or something? I'd rather be in a group. Here's the spot for you! Check out this page to see what groups we have. You can choose from Grief Share, Life Transformation and Advanced Counseling Training. 


Not sure which is best for you? Email us at and ask! We would love to help you find the section that will best meet your needs.

Want to get involved? Click on the button below! Don't forget to check out our Culture of Grace document. Understanding how our church functions is crucial to being involved.


Personal counseling

Personal counseling

Personal Growth is extremely important and we have trained counselors with our Growth ministry ready to talk with you. Whether you seek help for depression, loss, anger, misdirection, or whatever it may be, we are here to speak with you.

Email us at, one of our counselors would love to get in contact with you.


Couples counseling

Couples counseling

Couples Growth is perfect for anyone in need of relationship counseling. Whether it be pre-marital or conflict resolutions, our trained counselors would love to sit down and talk with you both.

Send us an email at and a counselor will get in touch with you!


Group counseling

Group counseling

Group Growth is designed for those who want to train with a group. Don't be afraid to join in, we want you there!



Divorce Care

*Private counseling and group sessions are available

Contact: Bob Tome   


February 18 - May 20     10:30am     Meeting Room 2

You will find support and valuable insight, as well as counsel, through a video series featuring experts, counselors, pastors, and personal testimonies of those who understand what you are experiencing.  Most importantly, you'll learn how to deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life.





New Session TBA      10:45am  Room 503LL


Contact: Matt Jones

Have you ever heard the saying, “"You can't change other people; you can only change yourself?" The truth can hurt, but it has the power to set you free. So if you’re ready to move forward in your walk with God and start a new chapter, Life Transformation might be for you. Life Transformation is a 9-week discipleship course that teaches self-evaluation through God’s Word. Through classroom learning, discussion and homework you will learn how to challenge and change what’s most important, the content of your heart. As you embrace this journey, God will transform your heart and your life. Your upfront investment of 11 weeks will have dividends the rest of your life.





February 4 - May 24    9:00am    Room 500


Contact: Bob Tome 

This introductory course is designed for those who believe God is leading them to counsel at Grace. God cares deeply for people. This foundational course is designed to prepare you to counsel others from a Biblical worldview and perspective. As you take this course, you will have homework to complete and the opportunity to gain first-hand experience, sitting with a trained counselor and clients.




Contact: Bob Tome


A four week course designed to help those who mentor individuals or facilitate a Life Group. In these sessions you will learn the Biblical basis for mentoring, four types of listening skills, the value of trust, and how to help someone understand God’s Perspective, find Hope, make Changes and Practice a new lifestyle that pleases God.




Contact: Bob Tome


Soul Care is the on-going training process for Biblical Counselors in all areas of our Counseling Ministry. We want to provide our counselors with the best Biblical training, advances in counseling processes, and information that will fill their “toolbox” with practical helps for their clients. Soul Care meetings will be scheduled by the Counseling Pastor.





Upcoming Sessions to be Announced 

Breathe new life into your relationship! Join us for 6 weeks and find out how to make your marriage "sing!"





October 19, 2017 - February 8, 2018


Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm  
Where: Meeting Room 2 - You will be greeted in the lobby of the office entrance
Contact: Tuesday Hayes Mullen

A friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life's most difficult experience in the loss of a loved one. Through this class you will watch a video series of experts speaking on this subject. Feel free to join at any point throughout the series.



Addictions recovery

Assessment- Following admission to our program, clients will be evaluated on their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual condition. Should detox be a necessary component of your care, you will be referred to York Hospital or a private facility of the client’s choice for medical monitoring. Individual therapy sessions- Addictions often coexist with psychological issues, which may be tackled through individual counseling. One-on One sessions will offer complete privacy and discretion to allow you to achieve personal growth through your counseling.

Group therapy- Group therapy is another effective strategy for facing emotional issues associated with addiction, and it can also

be an opportunity to learn new coping mechanisms. Because clients are separated into age- and gender-specific groups, they are able to communicate with peers for a more comfortable group environment. Social Development- Our goal is to offer opportunities to help

ease stresses in a client’s life. This includes but is not limited to activities like culinary, gardening, and creative arts.

Family Support

• Treatment Process

• Understanding


• Understanding Family


• Understanding Effective

Communication Skills

• Understanding Limits and


• Understanding Support

Systems and Their Role

Levels of Recovery Support

• One-on-One Counseling

• Assigned Mentor (Sponsor)

• Group Educational Sessions

• Service Opportunities

• Random Drug Testing

Services Offered

• Substance Abuse

• Prescription Drug Abuse

• Sexual Addiction

• Eating Disorders

• Gender Identity Issues

• Suicide Prevention


$500 for 24 weeks of service