Time to Wake the Sleeping Giant!

America will be great again, and we'll all be stronger together, when real revival takes place among God's people, in God's house, among Christians. That's when real hope and change will occur. If America is to be saved, genuine, sweeping spiritual awakenings must happen. It's time for Christians in America to ARISE.

Americans just went through one of the most contemptuous national elections in our history. The first-ever National Week of Repentance (www.revivalmatters.com), just ended. It was the first time in American history that people in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico set aside an entire week to call out to God, simultaneously, and ask God to start real revival, beginning in each of their lives. What's next for America, and what must Christians do if the nation is to be saved?

In this practical message, Michael Anthony calls on Christians throughout America to arise, on their knees, with practical action steps we can all begin to take, so that we're all stronger together, great again, and real hope and change begins - for such a time as this. Share it with your friends, because there has never been a greater time in America's history for real revival, true spiritual awakening.