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Our goal is to have influence locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Matthew 28:19-20
19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Want to get involved? Click on the button below! Don't forget to check out our Culture of Grace document. Understanding how our church functions is crucial to being involved.


Local Missions

Local Missions


Here are new Local missions opportunities:

1.     York City School District

A.    Parent café (once a month 1 hour at 4 schools)

B.    Parent Mentoring (as requested by parents)

C.     Unstuck with Middle School Students (8-week course for one hour)

D.    Musicals (varies because other volunteers involved but no more than 2 hours per week)

E.     Assemblies (once a month for 2 hours at 2 schools)

F.     Park clean-up (bi-annually on Saturday morning for 3 hours)

G.    Ferguson clean-up (as needed, maybe once a year for 3 hours)

H.    Painting at Hannah Penn


2.     Halloween Sign Up.  25 Neighborhoods.  Families join with families. 

Sign up for meeting on Sunday morning bulletin tear-off.

3.     Youth Development Center

Bible Studies, fun activities, peer and adult interaction.  Rodney Wagner.

4.     Life Groups reaching out as led by Pastor Joe and/or Life Group Facilitators.

5.     White Deer Run Treatment Center

Bible Studies, Sunday church, opportunities

6.     Hannah Penn School Store items. 

Bring to mission’s area in Atrium.


To get involved contact Renee Todd at: 717.792.6060 or send an Email


Local missions leaders


Pastor Bob is on staff here at Grace Fellowship and one of his roles is heading up local missions.

The Northwest Neighborhood Association (serving the northwest corner of the city of York) is a community-owned initiative that is organized and maintained by Grace Fellowship and Pastor Bob is currently serving on it's board.

Within the Northwest Neighborhood, evangelism and discipleship happens through Bible Studies, outreach events in the community, inviting people to attend Grace, and targeting different age groups and their interests.

Relationship building with young people and their parents occurs at Ferguson K-8 school and by door-to-door visitation.

If you desire to serve in local missions, please contact Pastor Bob at tomeb@graceyork.com. There are many opportunities and skill levels needed to keep our local missions functioning.


Email Bob
Grace Fellowship Church
1405 Seven Valleys Road
York, PA 17408
717-792-6060 x229





Katallaso in Greek means reconciliation. At Katallasso Family Health Center (FHC), reconciliation is at the core of what they aspire to do. By building trust through aggressively sought out relationships, they work to help people reconcile with God, family, Church and neighborhood, using a biblical model. They believe that these four relationships, fully functioning together, allow people to live a fulfilled life and stretch a person beyond one's current capabilities. This is done through the vehicle of healthcare and wellness programs.


Katallasso Family Health Care Center
38 South Belvidere Street
York, PA 17408




National Missions

National Missions



Doretta is 90 years young and has been serving as a missionary for 66 years! Doretta serves with TIME Ministries (and has done so for the last 20 years) to help with the hosting of groups of people from the States as they go to help national pastors in the work of construction, evangelism, and discipleship.

Newsletters: February 2018July 2016 | June 2016 | March 2016 | February 2016 | January 2016 | Wedding 2013 | March 2013 | July 2013 | August 2013

Email Dorretta
Address: 3113 Ocian Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78404



Doug and Noemi Gibson work with TIME Ministries and have been doing so for the past 20 years. TIME takes short-term groups to the the mission field which helps local churches fulfill their visions through evangelism, discipleship, and construction.

Doug is currently the Monterrey Site Director. His responsibilites include overseeing their team in Monterrey, and coordinating partnerships between sending organizations, mainly local churches in the US, and the local churches.

About two years ago they started a contemporary church with sound doctrine, since there are not many of those churches, in the Monterrey area. The purpose was to produce mature believers who love God, connect with others, serve others, and reach the world for Christ. The name of their church is Iglesia Biblica La Gracia, Grace Bible Church. Doug and Noemi serve as the pastors.


TIME on Facebook.

Email Doug & Noemi
Paseo de la Reforma #6356
Colonia Ciudad Satellite
Monterrey, NL
Mexico 64960


Lany and tammie Moss

Lanty and Tammie serve with Awana Clubs International and have done so since 2008.  Awana works to partner with churches to evangelize and disciple children and youth. 

Lanty is currently serving as a work group leader overseeing a group of Awana Missionaries.  As a couple we serve the over 130 churches that use the Awana ministry in South Central PA and W. Maryland.  Our goal is to connect with Pastor’s and Leaders to make each Awana club strong and lasting to reach even the generations to come with the gospel message.

Updates: 1/2018

Connect with us on:

Facebook - LantyTammieAwana

Twitter - @AwanaLanty

Instagram – awanalanty

Email – Lantym@awana.org

46 West Hummelstown Street

Elizabethtown, PA 17022

(717) 367-6959



Bill and Ruby have been serving in ministry for the past 56 years. They have been working with Source of Light Ministries International for 16 years. Source of Light's vision is to reach the people of the world through Christ-centered and time-tested materials, which result in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. SLM continues to develop bible study materials that are doctrinally sound and culturally relevant and can be used to accomplish the task.
Bill is serving as the general director of global ministry and has direct oversight of the Advanced Study Department of the mission that provides college level courses both stateside and abroad. Ruby is currently serving as Chief Accountant for the ministry and has 5 people under her direction.

SLM has needed to expand its facilities for quite some time and hopes to have the project completed by September.

SLM's work is struggling in Africa due to government and economic changes. Bill plans to make a trip to Ethiopia this summer to oversee a work team to bring a ten acre discipleship Training Complex to completion. Please pray for him as this work in Ethiopia is completed, and as this training facility will act as a door into South Sudan, Somalia, and Eritea.


Updates: 10/2015 | 05/2015 l 03/2015 l 12/2014 l 08/2013

Website: www.sourcelight.org

Email Bill & Ruby
1011 Mission Road
Madison, GA 30650



Milt and Anita take the gospel to the Native Americans in a simple form. They do community outreaches, a radio program, chaplaincy work, as well as counseling families. At their church, Good News Church, there has been a successful transfer of leadership to to the congregation, and they are doing outreach ministry on their own! They hope to see even more Native Americans come to Christ and assist them in becoming mature believers, so that they can help their own people rather than depending on missionaries. 


March 2016 | October 2015

E-mail Shirleson
PO Box 9090
Window Rock, AZ 86515-9090



The Timbies serve with CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) in New York City. They minister at the United Nations. They serve diplomats and their wives, from around the world, by leading bible studies and impacting the diplomatic community.


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Email Timbies
108 East 96th St., Apt. #5D
New York, New York 10128


International Missions

International Missions

Grace Fellowship supports missionaries who are serving in the Middle East. For their protection their names are unlisted. Please lift them up in prayer as they live out their faith for Jesus amongst danger every day.

Henrique DIAS

Henrique serves as the director of CONPLEI, the National Council of Indigenous Evangelical pastors and Leaders of Brazil. He primarily spends his time training Indian, but also Brazilian, leaders. He has recently received support and access to many churches and denominations throughout Brazil, and has seen friendships blossom amongst tribes that were bitter enemies.


Most Recent Newsletter

Email Henrique & Corina
Caixa Postal 47
Chapada dos Guimaraes


Scott & Ali HARA

Scott and Ali are Pioneers missionaries from Grace Fellowship. They recently moved from Ikotos, South Sudan, Africa to Orlando, Florida! While in Ikotos, they supported the local church, helping it to become healthy and balanced. They discipled young people from all over the region and ministered to families in their community. Now that they are in Orlando, they will be recruiting, mentoring, and sending college aged kids to work on a short-term basis with full-time Pioneers missionaries all over the world. They are having a huge impact all over the globe! Check out more on their blog!

Scott & Ali's Blog

Updates: 02/2016 | 12/2015 | 10/2015 | 09/2015 | 09/2015 | 08/2015 | 06/2015 

03/2015 l 12/2014


Email Scott & Ali

6004 Bent Pine Drive #2420

Orlando, FL 32822


Dave & Sonya KRAMM

Dave and Sonya Kramm have been church planting in Cambodia for the past 17 years. They are
currently in Phnom Penh Cambodia teaching at the Phnom Penh Bible School. The Cambodia Chhlong
 team has entrusted leadership to the churches of the Chhlong into the hands of the elders. The team is currently finishing up efforts in rural Chambak, Kratie. Dave and Sonya hohpe to move to Kampot, Cambodia in September to begin outreach to the Chvwea, a people group of app. 50,000.

Prayer Request: March 23, 2015

Updates: 01/2016 | 09/2015 | 04/2015 l New Motorcycle! l 03/2015 l 01/2015 l 07/2014


PO Box 1433
Phnom Penh


John & Ronda LENNON

John and Ronda Lennon serve with their family in Quito, Ecuador. They are serving with an ABWE team as church planters. The past year they have been transitioning into life in Ecuador after serving 18 years in Paraguay. They hope to establish a strong national church by leading people to Christ, discipling them, and guiding them in leadership skills so that they too can go and make disciples. John has been preaching in the church and mentoring a couple of young missionaries. Ronda is focusing on developing relationships and is teaching at MK school.

Updates: Winter 2018Winter 2016 | Fall 2015 | Spring 2015 l Spring 2014


E-mail John & Ronda
Alliance Academy International
Casilla 17-11-06186
Quito, Ecuador


Cullen RAST

Cullen has served in Brazil for the past 44 years! He serves as the president of the Brazil Evangelical Association. Their purpose is to reach thousands of Brazilians with the gospel message and biblical teaching. Brazil Evangelical Association has an emphasis on helping Brazilians with an audio-visual focus. They are producing quality Christian music, have a recording studio, web-radio ministry, as well as import, lip-sync, dub, and sell the best DVD material they can find. Beyond the ministry of BEA, Joseph is involved with Calvary International Church and a big part of his ministry is now caring for Janet (who has an advanced stage of Alzheimers.)

Cullen began an online radio ministry in Portuguese three years ago. It's now in english and has Christian music 24/7. It's mixed with quotes and 10 minute Bible messages every four hours. The site is: www.atos420.radio.br - on the upper right hand corner you will see the word "English" click on that to hear the program.


E-mail Cullen & Janet
Rua Alfonso de Albuquerque, 49
San Paulo, SP


Dan & Rachel ZUCH

Dan and Rachel have been enthusiastically married since 1980. They have three adult children and five grandchildren. They have served in Austria since 1989 as partners with Austrian Evangelical Churches to help develop and multiply churches that impact both individuals and cities. They were on a team with national believers that planted an active and influential church in Vienna, which Dan pastored until the end of 2016.

Dan has served as the leader of TEAM Austria since 1996. He contributes to church multiplication and unity through home missions involvement with two Austrian free church denominations and the Evangelical Alliance of Austria. Together, Dan and Rachel have been discipling couples for over 20 years through marital and premarital counseling. Rachel is one of the founders of a ministry to men and women in prostitution and victims of human trafficking (Herzwerek/Heartworks).

Dan and Rachel are passionate about the Church being at the center of God’s redeeming kingdom activity around the world, with discipleship as its motor and justice as part of the Good News to live and proclaim.


Latest Newsletter (7/2017)

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Knoedelhuetten Str. 46/1

1140 Vienna/ Austria